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This is your guide to the Local Studies Favourites Sets created exclusively for ITT Establishments.  To see what they include, click on the links below.  To access them, log in to uLearn and search for the Favourite Set you wish to use.  You can view a quick demo of how to search and use the resources here.



  Using uLearn in your Local Study
Old Newspapers and Advertisements
Sources of Support for Local Studies Census Data
Where are We?
Trade Directories
Through the ages History through Audio and Video resources
Physical Geography War Memorials
Human Geography Individuals' Responses to locations
Facts and Figures National Problems - Local Solutions
Staying Active and Healthy
Old Photographs
Taking Action




Using uLearn in your Local Study

  • How to choose the right map
  • Map Reading Made Easy
  • Using uLearn's topic tools to find information about Your Area
  • Using Current and Historic Maps in uLearn
  • Using uLearn's Aerial Photographs
  • Adding your own Local Studies resources to the library
  • Why use uLearn in your Local Study?
  • How has life in Britain changed since 1948?
  • Maps for the UK

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Sources of Support for Local Studies


  • Direct Gov - Local Councils
  • Records offices and archives
  • Local Centers of Information - UK Record Offices
  • Museum Net - The World of Museums
  • List of Museums in England
  • BBC Family History Pages
  • A World History Encyclopedia
  • DirectGov - Information on how to research your local, family or house history
  • The Genealogist
  • Who do you think you are? (Tracing your family history)
  • 'A History of the World' in
  • BBC Local History Pages
  • British History Online - Local History
  • Directory of Local History and Allied Societies
  • Family History and Genealogy Societies in England
  • Researching Historic Buildings in the British Isles


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Where are we?


  • Transport Direct Journey Planner
  • Google Maps - Route Planner
  • Valuing Places - Place and Interconnectedness (GA)


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Through the Ages


  • British History Timeline
  • BBC Family History Research Timeline
  • Timeline of British History
  • 'A History of the World' in
  • TimeRef
  • New Popular Edition Maps
  • David Rumsey Map Collection
  • Historic Map Collections
  • The World of Historic Maps
  • A Vision of Britain through time - Historical Maps Collection
  • Old Maps of England
  • GenMaps - Old and Interesting Maps and England, Wales and Scotland
  • Historic Maps for Students and Teachers
  • 1500s Historical Maps
  • 1600s Historical Maps
  • 1700s Historical Maps
  • 1800 to 1850 Historical Maps
  • 1850s Historical Maps
  • A colour map of Britain in 1064
  • A Map of England in 1065
  • A Map of Britain During the Norman Conquest of 1066-1070
  • New Map of Great Britain and Ireland - 1806
  • Hipkiss' Scanned Old Maps

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Physical Geography


  • Geograph Map Clusters - Landscape of the UK
  • Geograph - Photographs
  • Landscape Character Network - LCN
  • Aerial Photographs of the UK
  • Aerial Photographs of UK Archaeology
  • Aerial Photographs of Cathedrals and Churches in the UK
  • Aerial Photographs of the 2007 Great Floods
  • Castles from the Air
  • England from Above
  • Birds Eye Aerial Views of Europe
  • On-Line Aerial Photography, High Resolution Imagery
  • Air Images, Aerial Photography
  • UK Aerial Photos
  • Aerial Photography
  • Soil Types
  • Identify the Soil Types in the UK
  • Climate Comparison
  • Climate Comparison within the UK
  • YouTube - Local Studies
  • Waterscape - What is happening in, on and around UK Rivers and Canals
  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Postcode Plants Database
  • WebCams

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Human Geography

  • A Vision of Britain Through Time
  • Land Use in the UK
  • Land Use - Current Data
  • Geograph - Photographs
  • English Heritage's Historic Buildings in the UK
  • Historic Houses Association
  • Local Architecture - CABE
  • Trip Advisor - Visiting England
  • Enjoy England
  • BBC Local History Pages
  • National Parks
  • Information Britain - Famous Britons
  • Famous People of Britain
  • Population - Project Britain
  • UK City Population Figures (simple)
  • UK City Populations
  • Population - Bitesize Resources

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Facts and Figures


  • UpMyStreet
  • Regional Profile
  • Local Health Profiles
  • Health and Safety Statistics
  • Local Profile for Alcohol Related Harm
  • Hospital Episode Statistics
  • Regional Transport Statistics: Current Live Tables
  • ChiMat - Child and Maternal Health Observatory


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  • British Industry Timeline
  • Surveying Local Businesses using Yell.com Maps
  • Surveying Local Shops Using Google Maps Street View
  • Street Sensation (London Shops)
  • Stourbridge Shops
  • Banbury Web (Banbury Shops)

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Old Photographs


  • Old Photographs
  • Old Pictures
  • English Heritage Images - Historic Images Collections
  • Footsteps Old Photographs
  • Old UK Photos
  • Francis Frith, Explore your past
  • Old Photos and Pictures of the UK
  • Visit the Past - Old Photos of the United Kingdom
  • Heritage Explorer - Images for Learning
  • BBC Local History Pages

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Old Newspapers and Advertisements


  • Old Newspapers
  • British Newspapers - 1800 - 1900
  • Old Advertisements
  • The Sunday Times Newspaper Archive Search
  • Free Old Newspapers
  • Newspaper Archives Online
  • Old Adverts - Advert and Brochure Archive
  • Vintage Ad Browser
  • Vintage Ads
  • Original Vintage Advertisements
  • The outrageously politically incorrect adverts from the time equality forgot

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Census Data


  • Using Census Data
  • UK Census Online
  • FreeCEN
  • Family Search - Census Records
  • UK Genealogy Archives - UK Census Transcripts
  • GenoGold - UK Genealogy Database Source
  • Free Census Records
  • Census Online
  • 1901 Census Website
  • The Census Enumerator

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Trade Directories


  • How to use Trade Directories
  • Historical Directories
  • Kellys Trade Directory 1885 - Ice Advert.jpg


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History through Audio and Video Resources


  • Oral History
  • Heritage Lottery Fund - Thinking About Oral History
  • Who do you think you are? (Tracing your family history)
  • BBC - Recording Oral History
  • BBC how to do History - Oral History
  • UK Film and Television Archive
  • BBC Nation on Film Archive
  • British Library - Archival Sound Recordings, Oral History
  • British Library - Archival Sound Recordings, Traditional Music in England
  • British Library - Archive of Early Spoken Word Recordings
  • Recollections of WWII

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War Memorials


  • War Memorials
  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission
  • Commonwealth War Graves Commission
  • The United Kingdom national Inventory of War Memorials
  • Roll of Honour War Memorials
  • Remembrance, loss and sacrifice



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Individuals' Responses to Locations in the UK


  • Comparing Local, National and International News Stories
  • BBC England - Local News Online
  • BBC News Online
  • Do we like it?
  • GA - Valuing Places - Think Maps
  • Local Experiences of World War Two

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National Problems - Local Solutions


  • What's in your backyard?
  • Crime statistics for the UK
  • Crime in England and Wales 2008/2009
  • Air Quality Archive
  • Which countries use the most electricity?
  • Atmosphere, Climate and Environment
  • Energy Consumption in the UK tables
  • UK Energy Consumption Analysis
  • Energy in the United Kingdom
  • The Energy Problem - Information Sheet
  • Energy use and reserves charts
  • Regional energy consumption
  • Powerwatch
  • Environment - How can you help protect it?
  • 100 ways to save the environment
  • The Lune Rivers Trust
  • The Good Beach Guide
  • Traffic England Map
  • BBC News Online - Have Your Say

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Staying Active and Healthy


  • Active Places - Sports Facilities in the UK
  • Sports and Fitness Facilities in the UK
  • Sustrans Near You



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Taking Action


  • Who is my Local Councilor?
  • Who is my Member of Parliament?
  • Who represents me in the European Parliament?
  • BBC - Democracy Live
  • Act Locally - Information from Friends of the Earth
  • Local Environmental Award Locations and Activities
  • Living Streets - Local Groups
  • Olympics 2012 - Changing Places
  • Innovative local projects from the Homes and Communities Agency in the region
  • Campaign! Make an Impact
  • Friends of the Earth - Key Resources
  • Keep Britain Tidy
  • Home energy check
  • Carbon Calculator
  • Recycling at home
  • Environment and greener living
  • What you can do locally about climate change 

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